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Deaths in the Industry

1954 Sheep Video
  Cody Hiemke of Wisconsin shared this link of a 24 minute “SHEEP” video from 1954 that Texaco Oil Company put together. The Shropshire section starts at 11 minutes 30 seconds into the video. At 12:10 in the video an imported Shropshire ram is shown.
   Cody reported that Bill Shultz thought the ram was either Sir Winston or Tern Cambridge, who his father, Farrell Shultz, imported back then. Based on photos of Tern Cambridge Cody also believes it was him.
  "He was an impressive ram! Very cool to see a video of a sheep from back then!" said Cody.
  Bill confirmed to Cody that the filming took place at their farm in Ohio. "Farrell must have herded the sheep into our front yard at Bunker Hill which still looks very much the same today," Bill said.

  Cody Hiemke of Wisconsin received some old paperwork from Bill and Susan Shultz that belonged to Bill's father. These are items he had collected over the years. One is a booklet, "History of Shropshire Sheep by Alfred Mansell, 1913" and another two page typed article by J. Gibson Whittles, published in "The Field" in 1950.